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More Complex App

  • 123 Load Test ... an application I've been playing with to do automated load testing of web sites.
  • From the site:
  • "123 Load Test" is an application written in Borland Kylix to load test web sites.  It is similar to products such as Mercury Interactive's Load Runner or Empirex's ELoad software.  It allows you to simulate large numbers of users hitting your web site.  Two programs currently make up the 123 Load Test suite.  The first is the main graphical gui that allows you to create and run small load tests.  This utility runs the tests in a single application threaded model, and doesn't scale well.  Therefore there is a seperate load generator that can read in the script file from the gui, and run through it.  You can run as many of these on one machine as you have processing power (and bandwidth) for.  Also, you can run the load generator on as many machines as you like, further increasing the load.  The tests can very closely simulate an actuall user, filling in forms, accepting cookies, and downloading content.