Mission Critical Linux High-Availability Cluster Overview 9/12/2000 Tim Burke burke@missioncriticallinux.com


Types of Clusters

Load-Balancing Clusters

Linux Virtual Server

High Availability (HA) Clusters

Typical HA Cluster Lifecycle

Disaster Tolerant HA Clusters

Linux Cluster Landscape

Linux Cluster Landscape (cont.)

Role of the Failover Cluster

Typical Failover Cluster Operation

Mission Critical Linux Cluster Attributes

Mission Critical Linux Kimberlite Cluster Technology

Mission Critical Linux Convolo Cluster

Mission Critical Linux Cluster

Mission Critical Linux Cluster Attributes

Heartbeat Mechanism


Strong Data Integrity

Shared JBOD Storage

Shared RAID Storage

Service Infrastructure

Example Services

Multiple Concurrent Services

Cluster Configuration

Configuration GUI


References (cont)

Demo Description