Install Fest    WLUG Install Fest Results

The WLUG Install Fest was held on Saturday, February 12, 2000 at Stratus Computer in Maynard, MA. WLUG would like to thank Stratus Computer for their hospitality! Thanks to everybody at Stratus Computer who went the extra mile to help make this event a success.

There were 19 people who signed up for this event, with 5 of those people not making it to the event. Of the 14 people who did attend, there were 2 machines where Linux was not successfully installed, and 1 machine which probably would have succeeded, but was running very slowly due to its vintage.

Interestingly enough, there was one machine on which a TurboLinux installation was attempted, and that failed (I believe due to video hardware issues). However, a RedHat 6.1 installation on that same machine worked flawlessly.

In 2 other cases, the RedHat 6.1 installation failed to properly handle video and/or sound hardware, whereas a Mandrake 7 installation in both cases worked flawlessly.

One machine came in with SuSE Linux 6.3 and we were able to clean up its installation and fix its firewall configuration.

There were several laptops whose installations worked fine in all but one case. I don't know the details of the failure in that case.

WLUG received $120.00 in donations from this event, and we thank those of you who donated to help make this event a success. I'd also like to thank all of the WLUG volunteers for putting in their time and energy, without which this event wouldn't have happened at all. Your technical expertise and energy are contagious, and this was noted to me by several Install Fest participants.

Note to the new installees: there is considerable documentation on the CD which you received. Look in the /mnt/cdrom/doc directory, and you'll see rhgsg (The Official RedHat Linux Getting Started Guide), rhinst (The Official RedHat Linux Installation Guide), and rhref (The Official RedHat Linux Reference Guide). In each case, point your web browser at the index.htm file in those directories to start viewing the online documentation.