Generating a "Report"

Suppose now that we have a database with several generations in it and want a summary document.
In Lifelines, this is called a "report". In the main menu:
LifeLines 3.0.36 - Genealogical DB and Programming System
   Copyright(c) 1991 to 1996, by T. T. Wetmore IV
   Current Database - . 
 Please choose an operation:
   b  Browse the persons in the database
   s  Search database
   a  Add information to the database
   d  Delete information from the database
   p  Pick a report from list and run
   r  Generate report by entering report name
   t  Modify character translation tables
   u  Miscellaneous utilities
   x  Handle source, event and other records
   Q  Quit current database
   q  Quit program
pick "r"