Generating a "Report" continued

And now you are asked

What is the name of the program?
  Default path: /usr/local/share/lifelines/reports/
  enter file name (*.ll)

(and, seeing that long path, you are now glad you set up that LLPROGRAMS environmental variable).

We shall enter book-latex for this illustration and because it is the one which produces the pretty LaTeX output. You can enter the .ll (as in lifelines) extension or not as you wish.

To survey others that are available, go to that reports directory and do an ls -l followed by a less on the interesting ones. The comments in the sources generally gives a reasonable idea of what they do.

(Notice that the directory is called reports but it contains programs that write the reports. This got sorted out by the time the environmental variables were named but that then meant LLPROGRAMS now refers to a directory reports while LLREPORTS does not refer to that reports directory. :-(
Along the line, someone forgot to rename the reports directory).