Generating a "Report" continued

And now you are asked
Enter 0 for descendent, 1 for ancestor chart
 enter integer:
Let's pick "0" and start at the top. We now are asked
Book Text:1='1 TEXT'; 2= all '1 NOTE'; 3= !-tag '1 NOTE's
 enter integer:
and we can pick 1. At the next menu, asking how many generations deep to go, pick a number large enough to include all anticpated generations. Next comes the menu
Identify person for program:
 enter name, key, refn or list:
Here you can use various options. For example, we can go by name; my father was Russell Amos Waud so I can enter r /wd and get a list. I can then pick the entry I want if there is more than one entry fitting that short form (the abbreviation rules are not intuitive, RTFM).
You then answer some housekeeping stuff like output LaTeX file name, and the program then runs to generate an output file, in this example, raw.tex .