Running Lifelines con't

person: Douglas Russell WAUD (1)
  born: October 10, 1932, London, Ontario, Canada
 Please choose an operation:             (pg 1/3)
  e  Edit the person      u  Browse to parents    %s  Add source
  f  Browse to father     b  Browse to persons    %e  Add event
  m  Browse to mother     h  Add as spouse        %o  Add other
  s  Browse to spouse/s   i  Add as child         x  Swap two families
  c  Browse to children   r  Remove as spouse     tt Enter tandem mode
  o  Browse to older sib  d  Remove as child      zz Browse to any
  y  Browse to younger *  n  Create new person    ?  Other menu choices
  g  Browse to family     a  Create new family    q  Return to main menu
 Douglas Russell WAUD was added to the database.
Where the top of the screen indicates the current individual in the focus. Note that (1) at the end of the person line; it is the number assigned to this person by Lifelines. The bottom half of the screen is one of three screens of commands. Some are obvious, others will require some RTFM activity. If, for example, you pick "e", you will go back to that editor screen you just saved and you can modify, add, or whatever.